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Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV, your online resource for exploring the dynamic landscape of food and grocery manufacturing in Australia. This platform is brought to you by the Australian Food and Grocery Council and ASN Media.

In the series we delve into how this crucial sector meets the daily needs of Australians and global consumers, emphasising sustainable practices and technological advancements.

Our coverage includes a range of key themes, including; Climate Change, The Future of Manufacturing, Engaging Communities, Packaging & Plastics and Reformulation & Innovation.

Through diverse stories from across Australia, Sustaining Australia TV offers a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiring action within the industry.



Climate Change

In Australia, the food and beverage industry confronts the urgent demands of climate change, balancing environmental sustainability with production needs. This series delves into innovative adaptations and the critical role these sectors play in fostering a resilient future, emphasising local and global impacts on agriculture and consumption.